About Quest

About the School

Established in 1998, Quest Taekwondo Academy is dedicated to offering the highest quality martial arts instruction in Cheyenne.  We provide a complete Taekwondo training experience. We focus on all aspects of taekwondo including: techniques, self defense (ho sin sul), sparring (kyeorugi) and forms (poomsae). We also promote good citizenship and academics with our curriculum. Attendees are expected to help out at home as well as at the academy.

Quest is a member club of USA Taekwondo. All adult instructors are Safe Sport certified and all black belts are certified through the Kukkiwon, the World Taekwondo Headquarters, located in Seoul, South Korea.

About the Instructors

Michael Carey – 6th Degree Black Belt

 • Active in Taekwondo since 1987

 • Certified Instructor since 1997

 • 6th Degree Black Belt with Kukkiwon and USA Taekwondo, 2nd Degree Black Belt United World Taekwondo Association, 3rd Degree Black Belt American Taekwondo Fellowship

 • Member of USA Taekwondo since 2006

 • USAT Associate Level Coach

 • Established Quest Taekwondo Academy in 1998

 • 7th Place Finisher at USAT Poomsae Team Trials in 2009

 • 5th Place Finisher at USAT Poomsae Team Trials in 2010

 • Organizer of Quest for Excellence Taekwondo Championship

Our primary instructor, Master Michael Carey, known by his students as Mr. Mike, began studying Taekwondo in Germany under Master Seo Joong Soo in 1987. After receiving his 1st black belt in 1989, Master Carey moved to California where he received his 2nd black belt in 1993 under Master A.K. O’Neal. He then moved to Wyoming and under Master Ray Gignac was promoted to 3rd Degree Black Belt in 1996. In 1998, Master Carey established Quest Taekwondo Academy. Since then, he has coached several students at national championships, competed in several Poomsae Team Trials, and organized several demonstrations for local charities in Cheyenne.

Chaisty Carey – 1st Degree Black Belt

• Active in Taekwondo since 1997

• Active at Quest since 1999

• 1998 Wyoming State Champion in Forms and Sparring

• 1st Degree Black Belt with Kukkiwon

Ms. Chaisty assists with the instruction and running of Quest Taekwondo Academy. She possesses multiple degrees in the fields of education and childhood development. She helped design the curriculum for the academy. The wife of Mr. Mike, Chaisty is also a teacher at LCSD#1. She started her training with Master Ray Gignac in 1997. She received her 1st Black Belt in 2008.

There are also two student teachers at Quest:

Katelyn is a 3rd degree black belt. She is also active in her high school band.

Juanita is a 2nd degree black belt. She was homeschooled and has completed her high school education.