Benefits of Taekwondo

Benefits of Studying Taekwondo

There are many benefits that students of Taekwondo receive during training; physical, mental, and emotional.

Physical Benefits

Probably the most obvious benefits of attending classes is physical. Training in Taekwondo increases your overall fitness by improving and building strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Martial arts requires strong muscles and through practice a student will increase their strength. Classes combine traditional strength building exercises and plyometrics to increase power in the whole body.

Improved flexibility is another benefit as Taekwondo stresses the ability to use the legs as well as the arms for self defense. Students increase their range of motion through both static and dynamic stretching, and by practicing kicks at or above head level.

Through repeated motions and exercises, we build muscular and cardiovascular endurance. Traditional martial arts drills like horse stance training help increase muscular resilience. Sparring drills and kicking exercises improve stamina.

Practitioners also receive great gains in balance, reflexes and reaction speed. Finally, attending classes increases the ability to defend oneself from physical dangers.

Mental and Emotional Benefits

In addition to the physical aspects, students of Taekwondo also enjoy several mental and emotional benefits.

Self control is one of the core principles of martial arts, and in Taekwondo specifically. Through mastery of techniques and forms, the student learns that they can master their mind and body.

Another benefit is learning perseverance. We see this at every test as young people have to break boards. Though sometimes it takes several days of trying, the student never gives up and will eventually succeed. This mental toughness will benefit them as they face challenges in life!

Taekwondo students gain confidence through training. Over time, the accomplishments achieved during practice accumulate. Progression through training introduces new, more difficult techniques that seemed impossible to a beginner. But as a student advances, they realize that they can control their body and mind to achieve new heights!

Learning how defend to oneself is very empowering and provides a sense of peace. A Taekwondo student feels better about the daily challenges of life knowing they can handle what comes their way.